The story of the past

21 June 2021

It has been a year since I'm vacuum from the industries. The reason I'm vacuum is because I'm very sick... well, enough to say that I'm dead, once... and now, I'm back alive. ))

Ok, here is my story. One day I'm feeling very tired, and then I decided to sleep for a while. After sometimes, I'm awake but entering the state where I'm feeling dizzy and losing my balance. "OK, I think, I just need more rest", or so I thought. So I take a nap on the couch of the living room but it didn't go well as I expected, as I keep losing my balance and it even becoming worse.

Long story short, here is my condition:

You MIGHT think that I'm starting to become disabled, and that is not wrong. It's a year of me, feeling how to be disabled. That's where I'm confused about my state and condition. "Am I done with this? Am I quit being a programmer?", my thought back then. "I should give up, even my father said it to me" But I know that my family would not know how I feel, and I just keep moving on from that thought.

And with that, the new me is born.

Let's just hope for the best, we may not know what is coming to our life.